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Preliminary infos about the party – in english

Where is it?

Gulereer is located at the village Reerslev, ca. 4 km from Hedehusene, a station between Roskilde and Høje Taastrup. about 20 min. from Copenhagen Central Station. You can take bus No. 116 to Reerslev from both Høje Tåstrup and Hedehusene station, the bus stops just opposite permahaven. Usually you must wait a little longer for the bus at Hedehusene than at Høje Taastrup, but check the time-schedule yourself. The last bus Saturday night?


One can easily bike, either from Copenhagen (30 km) from Høje Tåstrup (10 km) or from Hedehusene (4 km). You can also just walk from Hedehusene station, the road is called Reerslevvej and runs just behind the station.


Whether you come on feet, bike or car –  you drive from Hedehusene against Reerslev and continue through the village and on the outskirts opposite the primary school you’ll find the garden. The street is called Tingstenen. If you are coming by car you can park it in the school parking lot.


There will probably be a lift with one of the various car owners, just ask me or one of the other garden people.

If you come from afar and would like a place to stay, it is possible to  sleep there from Friday to Monday


When is it?

You are invited to come on the afternoon, like 16 to 17, Saturday June 25th. We hope some of you want to sleep over, we have borrowed the neighbor’s pasture, which is ideal to camp on. You can also sleep indoors in the greenhouse  lounge-section or in the strawbale house, however, we envision that the strawbale house will be used as a children’s house during the party, but if you’re too old and stiff to be in a tent, let us find a bed for you so that we have two wonderful days to party and socialize and play and have grass between our toes.


What to bring?

Something to sleep with and in. It may also be a hammock – we do have a small forest.

Drinking water to div. hygiene purposes is a good idea, we have no running water out there, and although we plan to make sure that there is enough, it is nevertheless a good idea to bring a small reserve bottle.

A plate and cutlery – and perhaps a cup. (If everyone brings  we wont produce much waste!)

Something for the grill (steak, fish, veggieburger ect) We are making a large grill and the local folk-kitchen will be making home-grown salads and all kinds of other goodies.

A bottle of booze if you like. We’re thinking of putting all the bottles in the bar, and then serve free cocktails and drinks. A little money for the draft beer and wine bar where you can get beer, wine and juice.

Instruments! We do have a scene and a band that will play for us, but there are probably many who just want to jam around the fire. Entertainment … if you want to make a contribution, then that would obviously be supercool … otherwise, you are welcome to bring croquet, frisbees, kites whatyoucanthinkof …

Kids! Yes bring them, we have a strawbale house, which we hope can serve as a kindergarden bed and breakfeast, with somebody there to look after the young ones. So that you can get your children taken care of and watched over from their bedtime untill the next morning.

Perhaps a thing for our raffle. If everyone bring some nice little object, we create a beautiful raffle-stall, sells tickets for five kr and finance some of the festivities in a fun creative way.

There are no toilets there, we’ll build the world’s coziest forest-toilet, but just so you know it.



Um – hhmm almost nothing… it is a vegetable garden, etc., so you must think about where you walk and play and be carefull – but that will probably be obvious. Oh yes and because of the kids, it’s a bad idea with dogs, let them stay at home. And be nice towards neighbors and village residents, even if they’re weird, we gotta live with them for many more years. Otherwise, just call / email and ask.



Program for the party


Arriving at 16-17 o’clock


Guided Tours, pitching tents, playing, fun, Helping in the folk kitchen ..


We eat at around 19.30


The fire is lighted…  21


The music starts at 22


Dancing and boogiewoogie




Cleanup and chill





With Right of Improvements ….