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Tysk hilsen og info om Nordisk PermaKultur festival i Danmark til August

hi dansk friends

maybe this is for interest to you
hope you are flowing well…

love robert

Robert Strauch
Permakultur Designer
diploma of applied permaculture design
Dragon Dreaming Trainer
Tischler, Gestalter
Kleinkrausnik 21
03249 Sonnewalde

fon/fax 035323-60966

empfohlene webseiten:

From: sandra
Date: 1 June 2011 14:34:12 GMT+02:00
To: pk-liste@permakultur.de
Subject: [Pk-liste] Fwd: NORDIC PERMACULTURE FESTIVAL 26.-28. August in Denmark
hej ihr,

vielleicht gibt es leute, an die ihr diesen termin weiterleiten wollt?

liebe grüße,
sandra 🙂

——– Original-Nachricht ——–
Betreff: NORDIC PERMACULTURE FESTIVAL 26.-28. August in Denmark
Datum: Tue, 31 May 2011 14:35:05 +0300

You might be interested in:

– solutions for a sustainable future-
26-28. August 2011

Location: Hegnstrup, Gl. Københavnsvej 14, 3550 Slangerup, Denmark

The Nordic Permaculture Festival is an event aiming to facilitate and
broaden the knowledge of sustainable solutions in our modern world.
The festival will act as a forum for people already engaged in sustainable
businesses, construction, agriculture, and other activities to share
amongst themselves and the general public.

The festival intents to open up the field of sustainability to a broader
public view with a hands-on as well as theoretical focus. The festival is
an opportunity for participants from the different Nordic countries to
gather and exchange information about sustainable solutions from their
areas – both on a national and local level.

Do you want to join us? Or are you interested in instructing a practical
or theoretical workshop within your field of experience, present your
sustainable garden, house, community or farm design, or are you up for
entertaining us all at night? Or is your organization or company
interested in sharing your expertise and innovative ideas with the rest of
us? Please contact us on nordpermafest at gmail . com or simply complete
the registration form on our website:http://www.permakulturhaven.dk/

The festival is based on volunteers – and we need more! Do you feel like
helping out, before, during, or after the festival please do not hesitate
to contact us!


(Please note that we’re currently applying for funds, and as yet haven’t
calculated the costs. We promise one thing though, we’ll keep the fee as
low as we can – and the food excellent!)